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Name Card Holder
Product Code: WYZ-4007
Dimension: L74 x W50 C.C.: 64mm
Name Card Holder
Product Code: WYZ-4008
Dimension: L74 x W68 C.C.: 65mm
Product Code: WYZ-4060
Dimension: L35 x W29mm
Name Card Holder
Product Code: WYZ-4070
Dimension: L56 x W38 C.C.: 46mm
Product Code: WYZ-4134A
Dimension: L310 x W33 C.C.: 230mm
Product Code: WYZ-4134B
Dimension: L38 x W40mm
Key Hole
Product Code: WYZ-4153
Dimension: L68 x W50 C.C.: 58mm
Key & Back
Product Code: WYZ-4171
Dimension: L41 x W27mm
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